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Freelancer tips&tricks

You will find articles about useful tools, online services that we use, advice on how to optimize your experience as a digital nomad

Digital Nomad guide

Find step by step advice to become a digital nomad. We share information gathered in years of activity as freelancers — your one-stop howtos.

Video Tutorials

We also upload step by step videos with easy to follow instructions, that will guide you from basics to more advanced levels.

Your Journey

So, you decided to become a digital nomad yourself. Great! You’re on the right track to a location independent lifestyle. In the past 10 years, we’ve put together everything you need to become a freelancer. Therefore, don’t waste your time in 100’s of places.

You will get pure information, that will get you from zero to hero, or, if you already have some experience, will help you do things easier, in a more efficient way. We will go step by step, and I’ll provide you with everything you need: tools, resources to learn digital skills, knowledge, useful tips, a comprehensive list of ways and places where you can get work as a digital nomad.

This Digital Nomad Blueprint will save you lots of money and time. Grab a coffee and let’s begin:

freelancer in hammock

Work and Travel


There is a digital part in every “digital nomad” – that means we also work, not only travel, as some may think 🙂

You can see what we can do in our portfolio and also check out the prices (hint: they are affordable). That is, if you don’t have time to do things yourself.


Things we do. See portofolio and get a quote here.  

Content Creator

Your social media needs fresh content always. I can create stories, images and videos (ads, whiteboard etc) for better engagement and boost your accounts.

Freelance design

We can create logos, flyers, posters, business cards, and any other design. Get the .psd (Photoshop) or .ai (Illustrator) files print ready.

Website Developer

We can create websites like this one for you to have a better online image. You can look in our portfolio for more designs and templates

“Freedom is taking control of the rudder of your life.”

– Yukito Kishiro